Panel: What Kültürpark (does) not Remember?

Organized @ Izmir Architectural Center on November 7, 2015, Saturday, by the editors and authors of the book with the same title to discuss the past and future of Izmir’s most popular urban park, Kültürpark. The event was free and open to public. *What Kültürpark does (not) Remember? has recently been published in Turkish. It brings together essays which rewrite spatial histories of well-known entertainment spaces, short-lived exhibition buildings and cultural events set against the background of Izmir’s 70 year old International Fair, currently located in Kültürpark.


Exhibition and Student Forum: Basic Design Education

Organized by Yaşar University Architecture Department (Convened @ Izmir Architectural Center on June 12, 2015, Friday)


First Year Design Studio Instructors Meeting at İTÜ (İstanbul Technical University)

Organized by İTÜ at Taşkışla on 20 December 2014, this one day event brought together 15 architecture and design schools across Turkey to discuss their first year design studio and basic design education programs and share teaching/learning experiences. Yaşar University’s presentation was titled “The Design of Basic Design Education as a Composition.”


Exhibition and Colloquium: Basic Design Education

Organized by Yaşar University Architecture Department in cooperation with IzTech Basic Design Studio Coordinators (Convened @ Izmir Architectural Center on June 24, 2014)


Workshop: “Tanpınar’s Pendulum” (IEU)

“Tanpınar’s Pendulum” is a workshop which I organized at IEU’s Art and Design Studio in 2012-2013. In this workshop, students read excerpts from the last chapter of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s famous novel The Time Regulation Institute (Penguin Classics, 2014), and transfer the literal descriptions in Tanpınar’s book into the visual, and not necessarily architectural, realm. First, they make sketches of this imaginary Institute. The next step is to reimagine the institute (i.e., drawings, collage, montage, building models) while “regulating” it according to their own narrative.

Categories: Design Studio, Genel

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